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Occupation at Robert E Lee Monument

Marcus David Peters Circle in Richmond VA
(Photo Credit Christopher Risch)

UPDATE WE WON - ROBERT E LEE was taken down Sept 8 2021.

The occupation at Robert E. Lee has been going on since May 27th and continued until Sept 8 2021 BLMOCCUPIERS did not leave Monument Ave until Robert E. Lee was taken down.   


The Fence - The fence surrounding Marcus Davis Peters Circle (MDPC) was put up on Jan 27th 2021 by Department of General Services (DGS.) Initially the intent of the fence was to protect the work site to remove the statue, once the decision was confirmed by the courts. However, an appeal was filed to Supreme Court of Virginia (SCOVA) which allowed the fence to remain until the case was heard. The case was heard and SCOVA confirmed the removal of Robert E Lee statue. The monument and pedestal has since been removed, yet the fence remains.


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Removing Monuments Won’t Dismantle White Supremacy, Activists Say

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RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, JANUARY 18- Attendies gather at the Robert E. Lee Monument as part of a Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration on January 18, 2021

State installs fence around Lee Monument to prepare for statue's future removal; appeal filed in suit


With Lee monument case tied up in court, people who transformed 'MDP Circle' are asking: What's the fence really for?

I Rise

Protesters march in Richmond commemorating 1-year-anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death

Rally, march at Oceanfront aim to draw attention to “injustice” in Virginia Beach

A city of protest in 2020, Richmond reacts to Derek Chauvin murder conviction

Richmonders react to verdict in Derek Chauvin trial: 'This gives me some hope that we can get up this mountain.'

In Richmond, families reel from a month of gun violence that killed students, neighbors and friends

Area leaders react to Chauvin verdict

On the battlefield

Sister of Marcus-David Peters marks third anniversary of brother's killing with public celebration

Richmond Times Dispatch In-depth Interview with BLMRVA Founder

How George Floyd's murder has changed policing In VA

Supreme Court of Virginia hears appeals against of Robert E. Lee statue removal

George Floyd's Death America one year later - A German view

We're growing together': Unity Garden dedicated at Fan District church

Kimberly Probolus column: The unfinished business of Confederate monument removal

Richmond Celebrates Juneteenth 

The Confederacy’s final resting place

Virginia Supreme Court clears way for Lee in Richmond to come down

Virginia Supreme Court Clears Path For Removal of Robert E Lee Statue

It'll be nice to not have Lee looking down on us anymore.' Residents and activists are eager to see Lee removed.

Virginia set to remove Richmond's Robert E. Lee statue, its largest Confederate monument

Virginia to Remove Richmond's Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee Statue

Robert E. Lee statue on historic Virginia street removed

Richmond Civilian Review Board Task Force Meets Some, But Not All Of Protesters’ Demands

In-depth Interview with Personality: Lawrence West

Richmond Civilian Review Board Task Force Meets Some, But Not All Of Protesters’ Demands

Mental health crises response in Richmond will change in December with introduction of Marcus Alert

Activists' Black liberation symbols removal makes Lee statue take down bittersweet

Richmonders reflect as crews work towards removing Monument Avenue pedestal

Area leaders rally ideas to try to stem gun violence killing city

State prepares to dismantle the pedestal where Lee's statue once stood

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